One of the first women in history to reach the North and South Poles as part of all women teams

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is the key to success
Great leaders inspire others to achieve more


On the 1 April 2017 Ann will begin her next North Pole expedition. The team consisting of Ann, Bernice Notenboom and Martin Hartley will work with NASA and ESA measuring ice thickness and taking snow measurements as they ski from 88° to 90° North. NASA's Icebridge program plan to fly over the expedition on the ice, taking their own measurements, calibrating with the teams findings. Modern Day explorers working with scientists to better understand the planet we live in. The Two Degrees North Pole Expedition is not just symbolic for climate change but strongly supports Arctic science.


A three part television series is being produced for broadcast in The Netherlands in November.

Follow the team's progress on 2DGREES.COM/@AnnDanielsGB


Ann is a leader of Men and Women in the most dangerous and changing environments in the world

"A wonderful example of determination and true British grit"
Prince Charles - HRH The Prince of Wales


Ann Daniels is a world record holder and one of Britain’s leading female explorers. Described by The Daily Telegraph as one of the top 20 Great British Adventurers of all times she is regularly asked to speak on leadership, motivation and planning for success. As a Polar guide and the only leader of all 3 Catlin Arctic surveys she is living proof that good leadership, teamwork and a positive mental attitude does make a difference to the success of a team

“Her energy, belief and determination is inspiring. She is living proof that humans really can reach new peaks”
The Times

The best speaker we’ve had. She was motivational and relevant to the current challenges we face in the workplace today. She inspired us all to strive to achieve so much more, individually and together as a team

Your talk and contribution to the day was a great inspiration to us all. We were fascinated by your achievements and you brought a new dimension to the event

You were a magnificent speaker and a wonderful example of what can be achieved with precise planning, determination and a will to succeed

Ann came across motivational, inspiring and as many said at the event we didn’t want her story to end. Need someone to get you thinking about your life, business and setting some significant goals – look no further Ann is the perfect fit!
The Best Of

Ann was an inspiration to us all. Her messages on leadership will help us become better leaders in the future.

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